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Food safety

We inspect food premises and provide food safety information for anyone making, giving away or selling food.

Food safety requirements

A new food safety law came into force in March 2016. The Food Act applies to all businesses that make, sell, grow or transport food commercially. It also applies to businesses that serve food, like school canteens or clubs. There are rules, too, for sausage sizzles, cake stalls and other fundraising or community events where you're selling or serving food.

Anyone who starts a business that involves food must follow the new law. 

You can find out more about the Food Act and what it means for you on the Ministry for Primary Industries website. Use the Where Do I Fit online tool to find out what rules you need to follow.

Food safety grading system

With the introduction of the Food Act 2014, the current food premises food grading system is being phased out. By 28 February 2019 there will be no grading certificates issued by Council.