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Strategic Priority Grants

Our major funding programme is designed to help the community sector deliver on Council’s vision.

The Strategic Priority Grants programme provides multi-year funding for community-led projects, activities or services. These grants are designed to encourage community leadership and ownership of programmes that seek solutions to local social, environmental and cultural issues.

We will fund community organisations whose outcomes directly contribute to Council’s vision: small city benefits, big city ambition.

Our funding priorities are based on the Creative and Liveable Strategy (to achieve Goal 2: A creative and exciting city); the Connected Community Strategy (to achieve Goal 3: A connected and safe community); and the Eco City Strategy (to achieve Goal 4: An eco city).

Strategic Priority Grants 2019–22 results

In 2018 we invited applications from not-for-profit organisations and social enterprises that have a social, cultural or environmental mission.

On 1 March 2019, we announced the names of 39 organisations as first recipients of the Strategic Priority Grants. Council will partner with them over the next three years to further improve outcomes for our city. The value of the awarded grants is $1.3 million a year for three years, starting on 1 July 2019.

A full list of successful organisations and corresponding award value to each is available below.

Funding decisions were based on the assessment criteria outlined in Council's Community Funding Policy.

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If you have any queries regarding the Strategic Priority Grants programme and support available for local community organisations, please get in touch with Joann Ransom on 06 356 8199 or email