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Environmental Health Services fees and charges

Here are the fees we charge for Environmental Health Services, including inspections, permits and licences.

All fees and charges include GST. Effective 1 July 2021 to 30 June 2022.

Environmental health charges are imposed under Regulation 7 of the Health (Registration of Premises) Regulations 1966 to recover the cost to the Palmerton North City Council of providing environmental health services.

Fixed charges

These charges cover the standard cost to Council in carrying out the work listed. However, additional charges may apply depending on the circumstances, such as additional inspections, change of ownership or interpretation services that may be incurred by the Council during or after processing the application, or carrying out related inspections.

Work type

Discounted fee if paid between 1 July 2021 and 31 July 2021

Standard fee if paid after 31 July 2021

Annual inspection of premises for hairdressers $170 $255
Annual inspection of camping grounds $430 $645
Annual inspection of mortuaries $430 $645
Annual inspection for offensive trades $430 $645

Activity fees

Mobile trader food permit: $202

Mobile trader non-food permit: $109

Event or festival food inspections: At cost of officer's time per hour (event or festival organisers are responsible for inspection costs)

Amusement device inspection fee: $11.50 (plus officer's time for inspection)

Change of ownership for a health licence: $215

Change of ownership for hairdresser: $108

Other fees

These fees may be applicable to an application or inspection, or may be applied as a single charge.

Hairdressers additional inspection: At cost of officer's time per hour

Setting up premises inspection(s): At cost of officer's time per hour

Interpretation service: Actual cost plus 10% to cover Council administration costs

Inspections for tank removal/installations: At cost of officer's time per hour

Charges for Council staff 

These charges are the rate per hour (or part thereof) for Council staff services. 

Principal Environmental Health Officer: $209

Environmental Health Officer and Environmental Health Technical Officer: $187

Administration Staff: $120

Senior Business Support Officer: $168

Environmental Health Officer Cadet: $169

Head of Environmental Protection Services: $226

General Manager: $246

The Head of Environmental Protection Services is authorised to remit, reduce or refund any of these fees or part of a fee in any particular case where there are special grounds for doing so.