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Corrective action of granting an easement to Powerco at Vautier Park

Friday September 20 2019

Palmerston North City Council, being the administering body for the reserve being part of Vautier Park (Pt Sec 249 TN OF Palmerston North), intends to grant an easement for the right to convey electricity to Powerco Limited.

The existing power line supplying electricity to Freyberg Pool and School, owned by Powerco, is sitting on Council’s property, i.e. along the driveway from Tremaine Avenue into Vautier Park, but there is no easement registered. The Council has asked Powerco to carry out further electrical works by taking a feed of the existing line to supply Vautier Park Netball Courts, Puriri Terrace, Palmerston North. This work is now complete resolving the problem of the insufficient power to the courts to run the training lights. The further electrical works has prompted Powerco’s request to register the easement which should have been attended to in the first place.

Powerco’s easement requirement will be for the power cable up the driveway from Tremaine Avenue to the Ring Main Unit that are sitting on the land being part of a reserve at Vautier Park.

Any cables and pipes would be underground. Council does not believe that there will be any effect on the public use of the land and it will not have any effect on the public right to walk through the accessway.

Submissions open until Thursday 24 October 2019

Any person or organisation may object or comment on the proposal to grant the easement. Those making a submission or objection should do so in writing and specify whether they wish to appear before and be heard by a Council committee in support of their submission or objection. Please forward all submissions to:

Palmerston North City Council
Attn: Democratic Services
Private Bag 11034

Or email