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  • 10 Year Plan

    This long-term plan sets out what Council will do for residents over the next 10 years.

  • Active and Public Transport Plan

    The Active and Public Transport Plan shows how we intend to create a strong culture of walking and cycling and enable an efficient and effective public transport network.

  • Active Citizenship Plan

    This plan sets out Council's commitment to engaging in a variety of ways to maximise the opportunity for Palmerston North people and organisations to participate in decision-making.

  • Active Community Plan

    This plan guides the provision of parks, playgrounds, and recreation opportunities to encourage a more active community.

  • Arts Plan

    This plan shows how Council will support artists and the arts in Palmerston North.

  • Biodiversity Plan

    This plan details how the ranges will be connected with the city by green corridors alongside city streams, and how native wildlife will be protected within the urban area.

  • City Centre Plan

    This plan promotes a vibrant city centre and co-ordinates public and private investment and day-to-day activities within Palmerston North CBD.

  • City Development Strategy

    We will drive entrepreneurship and innovation by providing the support, infrastructure, opportunities and conditions to enable traditional sectors to diversify and expand, and new industries and new economies to grow to create the employment opportunities that sustain and expand our city’s future.

  • Community Services and Facilities Plan

    This plan determines Council’s role in developing and supporting community centres, libraries, and other facilities, and sets out the ways we'll support people to learn and connect with others.

  • Community Support Plan

    How Council will support the community and voluntary sector through grants funding, advocacy, facilitation, collaboration, and capacity building.

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