Council & City

What we do

We keep the city running smoothly day to day, and are responsible for its long-term development.

Keeping our city clean, functional and sustainable requires a collaborative group of talented people who each play an important part. Everyone who works here helps us reach our goals for the city – our gardeners, parks maintenance, civil construction, and refuse and recycling operators, engineers, accountants, planners, and advisors, to name just a few.

Our libraries have a close connection with our community and provide a range of services, including:

  • community liaison and support with multicultural groups, youth and seniors
  • facilitating and managing community events
  • managing grants and community funding

The work of our frontline people is all about enriching lives, providing inspiration and enabling people to better explore and enjoy what’s on offer in their community, while contributing to the greater Council vision: Small city benefits, big city ambition.

Our longer term role in creating our future

The 10 Year Plan sets out the actions Council will take over the next 10 years to move us closer to our vision. Every person in our team helps to bring about our long-term plan in some way. Some contribute through direct contact with the community, others are involved more indirectly through activities that build the capacity of the Council and the city.