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Shovel-ready projects

Construction is a key sector to drive economic and employment revival across New Zealand. We've proposed 10 shovel-ready infrastructure projects to help support the national recovery effort.

Photo shows crane shifting large Phoenix palm trees at the arena to make way for the new speedway pits.

Work has already begun on a significant upgrade to Central Energy Trust Arena.

The 10 projects are planned to be fast-tracked, alongside other capital works, as part of recovery plans to stimulate the local and regional economy and to create new jobs over the short-to-medium term.

They include some where work was already under way and could be expedited. Overall, they’re projects which can be brought forward to kickstart the local economy, help bring our community back into the central city, and provide confidence for private sector developers to continue to invest in city growth.

The 10 projects are categorised into three timeframes: shovel ready now (A), shovel ready in six months (B) or shovel ready in 12 months (C). Three of these projects support critical work for both Palmerston North Airport and Food HQ Science Park.

A: Shovel ready now

B: Shovel ready in six months

  • Airport Drive upgrade
  • Urban cycleway programme
  • Bunnythorpe wastewater mains
  • Whakarongo subdivision
  • Road links (local roadworks to enable the regional freight ringroad)

C: Shovel ready in 12 months