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College Street upgrade

We’re seeking community feedback on street upgrade options for the section of College Street near the Awapuni shops.

We’ve started some upgrades between Maxwells Line and Botanical Road, with bus bays indented into the kerb. They allow buses to drop off and collect passengers without affecting the flow of traffic. We’d planned on widening the cycleway too, however the local community raised concerns about losing carparks around the shops at Pitama Road. We’ve decided to come back to you and ask what you think will make the stretch of road safer for all road users.

Our consultation document outlines four options we think address some of the key concerns people have raised. We encourage you to read through the details and fill in our online form. You can tell us your preferred option, what matters most to you, and whether you want us to make changes to the time limits of parking in the area. Please note, no hearings are scheduled for this consultation.

The current situation

Photo shows aerial map of section of College Street outside the Awapuni shops at Pitama Road.

This is what the area of College Street around the Awapuni shops looks like now.

College Street is a major thoroughfare in the city, carrying more than 6,000 vehicles a day. Eight schools are within 500 metres of the street, as well as major attractions including He Ara Kotahi and Victoria Esplanade.

The businesses and churches are concerned about losing parking directly in front of the shops under our original plan for College Street.

We recently conducted a parking survey on a Thursday (businesses identified this as their busiest day). It recorded the number of vehicles parking and how long they stayed for.

Parking survey results

  • Within 200m of the shops there are approximately 114 parking spaces. A maximum of 39 per cent were occupied at any one time.
  • There are approximately 33 on-street parks directly in front of the shops between Nairn Crescent and Panako Place. During the survey no more than 77 per cent of these were occupied at any one time. However, 11 parks were occupied by the same vehicle all day.
  • The side roads (Miles Place, Nairn Crescent, Panako Place and Pitama Road) had significant parking available.

The options

Have your say

We need to balance the views of everyone – and to do that we want to know what you want this small section of College Street to look like. Submissions are open until 4pm on Monday 22 July.

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