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Dog control

We're proposing to amend the Dog Control Policy 2018 to allow dogs on-leash in public places in the central business district (CBD) and city centre.

This amendment follows a trial allowing dogs on-leash into the CBD since August 2018. The trial has gone well so now we are looking to make on-leash dog control available permanently in the CBD.

The trial will continue, but in the meantime this is the final opportunity to provide your feedback.

Summary of key changes

The proposed changes to the policy are:

  • Deleting references to the trial
  • Including the CBD as an on-leash area of control
  • Removing the CBD from being a prohibited public place

To see the proposed amendments, please download the statement of proposal.

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Fill in our online submission form to have your say. This consultation is open until 4pm on Monday 10 June 2019.

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