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Menzshed Manawatū lease variation

Palmerston North City Council is considering a proposal to increase the area of Rangitāne Park we lease to Menzshed Manawatū to allow for a 98 square metre building extension and trailer storage area (under the Reserves Act 1977.)

The applicant wants to extend the building to build storage, painting and uploading spaces as well as a metal work and workshop area. The proposal will require removing some garden areas and several trees.

Photo shows Menzshed from the street.

Rangitāne Park Pavilion (Menzshed) from the street.

Photo shows aerial view of Rangitāne Park with the current shed and overlaid text indicating the location of the proposed extension.

Proposed lease area including trailer storage.

For more details, please refer to these documents:

An assessment of the proposal can be found in this report to the June meeting of Council's Sport and Recreation Committee.

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