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Traffic and Parking Bylaw review

We adopted our new Traffic and Parking Bylaw on 28 May 2018, following a review.

The new bylaw came into effect on 25 June 2018, and is a substantial revision of the previous bylaw. There are a few changes which are intended to make things clearer and simpler, plus we’ve added an administration manual to support its operation.

Key changes to the bylaw

We’ve reworded some sections so they closely align with the enabling provisions under section 22AB of the Land Transport Act 1998, which gives Council the power to make bylaws relating to traffic and parking matters.

We’ve added three new sections. One sets out how we’ll create any new parking trials in the future. The others give us the power to create restrictions on engine braking, and control access to unformed legal roads. We’re not proposing any specific restrictions at this stage, but including them in the bylaw means we’ll have the ability to respond to those issues as they emerge.

Adding an administration manual follows the same approach as other recently reviewed bylaws. It contains information which was previously included in schedules to the bylaw, along with the specific terms and conditions for parking in the city. Including this information in the administration manual keeps the bylaw simpler and cleaner, and makes it easier for Council to record and administer the restrictions imposed through the bylaw. The manual is a public document which will be available alongside the bylaw.

Result of consultation

We received four submissions, most of which were in favour of the proposals we made. One submitter raised concerns about the extent to which the bylaw addressed issues relating to cyclists and cycle lanes. While we accepted the issues that were raised, they weren’t appropriate to include in the bylaw. Instead, we’ll be looking at those issues as part of our new Active and Public Transport Plan. We also made a small change to the administration manual to make it clearer that parking a vehicle on or overhanging a cycle lane is not permitted.