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Wastewater Bylaw review

We're proposing to adopt a new Wastewater Bylaw. This bylaw sets out rules for connecting to our city's wastewater network.

Most of the proposed changes relate to pressure sewerage systems, off the back of the Pressure Sewer System Policy adopted in 2018.

Summary of key changes

Two new clauses (8 and 9), describing the requirements for pressure and pumped sewer systems.

New additions in the Administration Manual, sections 4.8 and 4.9, which describe the point of discharge for pressure and pumped sewer systems, as well as new diagrams (figure 1 G and H) that illustrate the point of discharge location.

Section 8 of the Administration Manual has been revised to reflect how Council will manage the cost of clearing blockages in different types of systems, including new flowcharts (appendix 4).

A new figure 2 in the Administration Manual illustrates the typical on-lot service lateral and boundary kit, replacing figures 2 and 3.

Revised wastewater service area maps, showing areas where pressure sewer systems are mandatory.

For the full list of proposed changes, please download the statement of proposal.

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