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Council Chambers opening to showcase how Council is run

Thursday November 19 2020

Two How Council is Run sessions are being held in the Council Chambers next week. These will provide an opportunity for anyone considering standing for Council in the February by-election, or the general public, to learn how Palmy’s Council is run.

Photo shows three young adults laughing together in Te Marae o Hine.

“This is an opportunity to connect with people and answer questions about how Council runs its meetings and makes decisions, and highlight how to access strategic documents,” says David Murphy, PNCC Acting General Manager, Strategy and Planning. “We want to encourage and enable people to take an active role in influencing and contributing to Council decision making.

“We too often hear people saying Council lacks transparency and doesn’t listen to people. We want to overturn that myth – so we warmly welcome anyone to come and chat to staff and Councillors if they have concerns. We’re sure we can reassure them we have a high level of transparency and our books are always open.”

Councillors will be on hand to talk directly about their role, making it an ideal opportunity for anyone interested in standing for Council to find out more.

For those who want to make sure Council hears them, staff can advise individuals and groups about making presentations and submissions.

“Staff will also be on hand to discuss our strategic documents – what they include, how they’re created and approved, and where to find them on our website.

“We want Palmy to be a city where we foster connection and participation, and people feel like their voice makes a difference. We’re about to go out with our 10 Year Plan early next year, and the community’s feedback on this plan is important. It sets our priorities, direction, our budgets…. and our rates.”

The two sessions are on Thursday 26 November:

  • 12.30pm to 1.30pm
  • 5.30pm to 6.30 pm.

The entrance to the Council Chambers is from the stairs or lift at the front of Council’s Customer Service Centre on Te Marae o Hine-The Square.