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Invite the Mayor to your event

The Mayor attends many events throughout the year. If you would like him to attend your event please fill in the form below and we'll consider your request. If the Mayor is unable to make it we will endeavour to arrange for the Deputy Mayor or a City Councillor to attend instead.

Request for attendance

Please complete and submit this form at least two weeks before your event or meeting.

Event details

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Speech details

(eg: Welcome, Keynote address, Award ceremony)
(As a guide, the Mayor will normally speak for a maximum of 15 minutes at a major speech; 5 minutes at a function; and 2 minutes for a welcome.)
(eg: key messages, history and future of the event, topics you would like covered etc.)
(eg: PowerPoint facilities, lectern, microphone)

Background information

(If you have a run sheet, please attach it at the bottom of this form.)

Cultural elements

(eg: Pacifika, Bhutanese)

Contact details

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Attendance details

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Please note:

  • The Mayor's formal title is His Worship the Mayor of Palmerston North, Grant Smith. He is very comfortable being addressed formally as "the Mayor" and informally as Grant.
  • The Mayor may be accompanied to your event by a Council staff member or a Councillor. We'll provide details before the event.
  • Due to the nature of the Mayor's commitments, there may be occasions when he has to cancel at late notice.
  • A gift is not expected or required.