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How to hold a candidate meeting

Are you, your whānau and community keen to hear from Palmerston North’s by-election candidates? Here are some tips on how to make it happen.

We’re encouraging community groups to consider holding events where you can connect with Palmy’s by-election candidates. Make it an opportunity to share what matters to you.

Planning your candidate meeting

First decide on what you want to achieve, then decide on the details – timings, venue, format.

Need help finding a venue? Contact us.

Plan to make your event safe and accessible for all.

Be creative with your format – it doesn’t have to be a traditional debate.

Hosting ideas:

  • an informal cuppa
  • small groups
  • speed dating
  • audience Q&A
  • speeches and kai

Invite as many candidates as practicable – it's important to have a good spread of candidate voices.

In the invitation outline:

  • how long the event will run for
  • the format you plan to use
  • information about your group

Get the word out:

  • Contact your own networks
  • Advertise as widely as you can
  • Let us know – we will publish the event on the PNCC website and social media channels

On the day of your meeting

  • Make sure the location is well signposted
  • Scan the venue for safety and accessibility
  • Be welcoming. Allocate someone to greet guests and candidates
  • Allocate someone to facilitate and introduce the session format and candidates
  • Keep to the format
  • Allow each candidate a fair chance to speak

After your meeting

  • Follow up. Let people know how it went!
  • Thank the candidates who attended

Any questions, contact us on