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Representation review

Every six years we review how you are represented on Council. This year we're holding a representation review to consider how the establishment of a Māori ward or wards affects other representation arrangements.

Under the Local Electoral Act 2002, a representation review looks at our representation arrangements – the structure of our elected members and how they are elected.

Specifically, a representation review looks at:

  • How many councillors there should be in total
  • How councillors are elected – within Māori and general wards, whether councillors will be elected city-wide or by geographical boundaries, or a mixture of both; how many wards, and how many councillors in each ward?
  • Should we have community boards, and if so, how many members should they have, and which areas should each cover?

Our current arrangements are: 15 councillors and a mayor, all of whom were to be elected on a city-wide basis (that is, by the electors of the city as a whole), with no community boards.

The most recent review was completed in 2018.

The decision by the Council on 7 April 2021 establishes Māori and general wards for the 2022 and 2025 local elections.

Check back on our website in early August for information on how you can have your say in the representation review. In the meantime, we're holding a series of community meetings in June and July where you can find out more.

Pre-engagement community meetings

What do you think fair and effective representation looks like?

Come to a community meeting and find out about our upcoming representation review, including what Māori wards mean for you and your whānau.

Meeting dates and locations:

  • 8 June: Bunnythorpe School, 7.30pm
  • 1 July: St Michaels Church and Marae, Highbury. Please gather for powhiri at 5pm
  • 6 July: Longburn Primary School Hall, 6pm
  • 12 July: Linton Camp School Hall, 7pm
  • 14 July: Village Valley Centre, Ashhurst, 6pm