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Annual Budget 2020-21

Council adopted the Annual Budget on Wednesday 24 June. Rates have been set with an overall increase of 1.95 per cent.

The approved budget changed from what was consulted on following a review of assumptions about costs, revenue, and the availability of external resources to deliver services and programmes following the Covid-19 impact.

Read the adopted budget here:

Rates increase lower than projected

1.95% has been approved as the increase in rates collected.

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What is the Annual Budget?

This budget is year three of Council's 10 Year Plan 2018-28, which set out our vision: Small city benefits, big city ambition.

It's how we check if we're still on target to deliver on that plan, and we've updated it to reflect changed circumstances and revise the timings of some of our programmes.

The budget confirms our priorities and projected revenue and costs for the next 12 months, from 1 July this year to the end of June next year. It's also how we determine rates.

Consultation process

Annual Budget submissions closed on Monday 20 April. This year our consultation was affected by the Covid-19 lockdown.

Submitters who chose to speak to their submissions were heard on 8 and 11 May. Thank you to those who took the time to make a submission and speak to Councillors through the hearings process. The Annual Budget deliberations occurred at the Committee of Council meeting on 20 May. You can watch these on our YouTube channel:

Thinking ahead

This is our last budget before our upcoming 10 Year Plan (2021-31).

Read the current 10 Year Plan.

Nature Calls

This project is investigating how we manage wastewater in Palmerston North and what we’ll need to achieve before 2022 to bring our wastewater management and infrastructure up to a future-proofed standard. 

Recent indications are this will cost considerably more than projected in our 10 Year Plan. Council is conscious of this when making commitments to other programmes.