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Draft local alcohol policy

We're drafting a new policy designed to reduce alcohol-related harm and keep our city safe. Submissions on this proposal closed on 9 October. Thank you to everyone who made a submission.

What happens next?

Now we've received written submissions, there will be an opportunity to make oral submissions. We will be holding these hearings on 10 December 2020.

At the end of the consultation process, the Council will decide on whether to pass the draft local alcohol policy. Afterwards, there will be an opportunity to appeal against Council's decision. However, this will only be available to those people who have made a formal, written submission to Council.

What we're proposing

This revised draft local alcohol policy reflects changes made as a result of the earlier public consultation process.

Trading hours

The Council proposes to adopt a policy that restricts maximum trading hours for all licence types.

Licence type

Earliest opening hour

Latest closing hour


Hotels, taverns, and class 1 restaurants (with a bar area operated as a tavern)

8am 3am the following day
All other on-licensed premises (including class 2 and 3 restaurants and cafes, function centres, cinemas, and theatres) 8am 1am the following day


All off-licences (eg, bottle stores, supermarkets and grocery stores)

7am 9pm

Club licences

All club licensed premises (eg, RSAs, sports clubs)

8am midnight

One-way door restriction

The Council also proposes to include a mandatory one-way door restriction for all on-licensed premises that are trading beyond 2am. A one-way door restriction prevents any person from entering the licensed premises, or re-entering once they've left. The one-way door restriction would apply to on-licensed premises from 2am.

No other restrictions

The Council is not proposing any other restrictions in the draft policy. Consideration was given to location restrictions for some off-licensed premises, however, there was insufficient evidence to support a recommendation to introduce such restrictions at this point.

How can I find out more?

Download the consultation documents and the research report. The consultation document provides details about the specific changes we're proposing and the reasons for those changes. The research report includes all the information and evidence we were able to find, which we think is relevant to the draft policy.