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Main Street cycleway trial

Our city is growing and we need to be able to move more people around safely and more easily. That means we’re keen to see more people in our city walking, catching the bus and riding bikes.

Photo shows smiling woman in everyday clothes riding a bike in Palmy city centre.

Cycling helps make our streets safer and our community healthier. It is easier on your wallet, better for our environment, and is good for our economy as people who ride bikes tend to shop locally more often than motorists.

As part of Council plans we’re creating an environment and culture change that enables people to choose cycling more often.

This includes:

  • reducing traffic speeds around schools and shops
  • expanding the number of cycle lanes, including some with physical separation
  • supporting school and workplace travel plans and education

We're trialling a separated cycleway on Main Street 

Later this summer we’ll be installing a trial separated cycleway on Main Street-Pioneer Highway, between Pitt Street and Botanical Road. 

The cycleway is a high priority in our Urban Cycle Network Masterplan in response to the number of users, and its strategic location linking the Longburn Shared Pathway to the CBD, as well as its close proximity to the river.

The project received funding from Waka Kotahi NZTA’s Innovating Streets programme, which aims to make it possible to test changes to create safer, healthier and more pedestrian-friendly streetscapes, and support councils to do things differently through ‘tactical urbanism’.

Photo shows Main Street heading out of the city towards Pioneer Highway.

The trial will separate the cycleway from traffic between Pitt Street and Botanical Road, excluding the intersections.

Thank you for your feedback about what the cycleway could look like

Your feedback is crucial to the success of this cycleway. We want to work with our community to shape this cycleway and it's important that those who know the road best have their say.

We'll take your ideas on board as we move into the next stage of the project in the new year: creating detailed engineering designs and preparing for implementation.

We’re planning to retain as much parking as possible. This should be easier on Main Street compared to other recent cycleway projects as the road is wider, and we have a slip lane with provided parking, while the service lane provides additional parking.

Rollout this summer

Depending on everyone’s suggestions, implementation will be relatively simple. Essentially the cycleway can be put together simply using planter boxes as the trial separator, road markings, and signs.

Results will help shape permanent cycleway

This project is a trial for how a future cycleway in this stretch could function. We’ll be conducting surveys and seeking feedback during the trial period, which ends in June 2021.

With the future permanent cycleway, we’ll conduct another round of consultation before any permanent changes are considered.