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Proposed fees and charges for trade waste

We're proposing to update fees and charges for trade waste services, effective from 1 July 2021.

The proposed increases will enable the cost of providing these services to be recovered from users rather than subsidised from rates.

Council reviews these fees and charges every year to ensure there is sufficient revenue to cover operational costs, and satisfy the requirements of our Revenue and Financing Policy and the Palmerston North Trade Waste Bylaw.

We also need to be satisfied the proposed fees are transparent, fair and reasonable, and market comparable.

Summarised changes

The volume-dependent charges are based on historic flows, strengths and costs. The proposed 2021-22 charges are based on flows and costs over the two years from 1 January 2019 to 31 December 2020.

They represent increases of 17% in the rate charged on the volume of sewage discharged, 3% in the suspended solids charge, 18% in the charge for organic loading treatment, and a reduction of 3.2% in the charge for removing phosphorous.

Sampling and analysis charges for compliance monitoring are proposed to increase significantly over the next two years to achieve cost recovery.

A new wastewater discharge administration fee of $600 a year is proposed to cover the costs of monitoring and administration for permitted customers with discharges exceeding 5m3/day.

For more information and the full schedule of proposed fees and charges, download the document below.

Submissions invited by 5pm Friday 14 May

All submissions received will be considered. You can email or post your submission, or make your submission over the phone.

Submissions should include your name, address and a contact phone number, and whether you wish to speak about your submission to a meeting of Councillors.



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