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Proposed scout hall: Ashhurst Domain

We’re considering a proposal to lease an area of the Ashhurst Domain to Ashhurst Scouts for a new scout hall. Submissions closed on 7 December. Thank you to everyone who had your say. We'll now review your feedback and report to Council to make a decision.

Scouts are wanting to lease approximately 1,000sqm of the sportsfield overflow carpark area.

Scouts would be paying for the building and be responsible for its construction, operation, maintenance and the health and safety of users.

A lease would be for 10 years, with a 10 year right to renew.

The Scouts have indicated the hall would be used for activities, meetings and a kitchen space.

Any activities happening at the hall would need to meet our District Plan rules. If Scouts wanted overnight events, or events that could impact traffic or noise, then they’d need to apply for a resource consent.

Its proposal would require us to relocate some of the overflow carparking to the east, and we’d likely need to remove some of the shrubs along the border, and trim some trees.

As the Ashhurst Domain is a reserve, this proposal is being considered under the Reserves Act legislation.

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This proposal was presented to Council's finance & audit committee on 21 October.