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Summerhill Drive cycleway

Have your say on stage one of the Summerhill Drive cycleway: Springdale Grove to Old West Road. This consultation is open until 5pm Friday 2 October.

Over the next few years we’ll be installing a buffered cycleway from Tennant Drive all the way up to Aokautere. A buffer is where there is extra room painted close to the traffic lane to provide more separation between the bike rider and vehicles. We’ll be doing this in sections because the changes in road and traffic patterns will alter what construction work may be needed.

The first stage is from Springdale Grove to Old West Road, and that’s what this consultation focuses on. We’ve got two options for you to consider and we need you to let us know which one you prefer.

We’ll take on board your feedback as we select the best option, which may include some minor alterations to the final design.

The options

Both options would see us install a safe cycleway with a physical separation between motorists and people on bikes. We will choose from the different separators available, including vertical posts and horizontal barriers. The separation would still allow rubbish, recycling and street cleaning vehicles to access your properties.

Option A

You will be able to continue parking in the slip lane between #127 and #145, however other on-street parking on both sides of the street would be removed to make room for the cycleway.

We’d install three indented parking bays providing 12 parking spaces. Indented parking is where we remove the berm and create parallel parking spaces. These three bays would be outside #70, #114 and #145/147.

We’d install two indented bus bays on the southern side of the road (heading into town). These are outside #80/88 (see image slide one, below).

We’d also relocate the stop outside #126 to outside to #130. The painted median in the middle of the road would remain, and we’d also install two raised areas where pedestrians can wait safely before crossing to the other side.

Option B

To make room for this cycle lane we’d only remove parking on the northern side of Summerhill Drive (the side heading away from Palmerston North CBD). Parking in the service lane wouldn’t be affected.

We’d also install one indented parking bay that has three parking spaces outside #145/147.

The painted median in the middle of the road would be removed, meaning the cars drive closer to each other. This removes the ability for motorists to wait in the middle of the road before crossing the flow of traffic (see image slider two, below).

We’d also install two raised areas where pedestrians can wait safely before crossing to the other side.

Image slider one: Bus bay options heading north into the city

Move the slider to see the difference between option A (on the left: with an indented bus bay) and B (on the right: no indented bus bay)

Photo shows cycleway with indented bus bay, heading north into the city. Photo shows cycleway heading north into the city, without an indented bus bay.

Image slider two: Median options heading south out of the city

Move the slider to see the difference between option A (on the left) and B (on the right)

Photo shows cycleway heading south out of the city with a full median strip in the middle of the road. Photo shows cycleway heading south out of the city with a shorter median to allow more distance between the cycleway and passing cars.

Engineering designs

Which option do you prefer?

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Talk to us about the options

We know you might have some questions, and we’re here to answer them. We’re going to have two sessions where you can drop in and talk to our team about the options proposed:

  • Tuesday 22 September, 4pm to 6pm
  • Saturday 26 September, 11am to 1pm

Both will be in front of New World Aokautere, 198 Ruapehu Drive, Palmerston North.

At these drop-in sessions we will have a Covid-19 contact register, and we will ask you to maintain physical distancing. If we move into Alert Level 3 or 4 these sessions will be cancelled.

You can also email any questions to

Why are we building a cycleway?

Our city is growing and we need to be able to move more people around safely and more easily. Summerhill Drive is a major thoroughfare and commuter route for students and other residents. It will continue to get busier, so we need to make it as user friendly as possible for all road users.

We’re keen to see more people in our city riding bikes. Doing so makes our streets safer, makes our community healthier, is easier on your wallet, better for our environment and is good for our economy, as people who ride bikes tend to shop locally more often than motorists.

As part of Council plans we’re creating an environment and culture change that enables people to choose cycling more often. This includes:

  • reducing traffic speeds around schools and shops
  • expanding the number of cycle lanes, including some with physical separation
  • supporting school and workplace travel plans and education

Timeline for construction

As minimal construction will be needed, the installation will likely occur over summer when Massey University and IPU are on their summer break. If you supply your email address in your submission, we’ll keep you updated via email. We’ll also post updates here and on our Facebook page.