Milverton Park

Have you seen our diggers at Milverton Park? We’re upgrading it to make it even more family friendly. A new toddler playground is being installed over winter 2019, as well as a jungle-gym style playground for older children. We’re even putting in a fort.

Photo shows digger clearing land in a park lined with autumn trees.

We've dug out the old playground to build a new one.

Photo shows digger dumping earth into a truck.

Hang tight – we’re hoping the playground won’t be out of action too long.

Used for

Picnics, family outings, playing, social sport

Photo shows young girl climbing on playground ropes.

Don't worry, the space net is still there!


Space net, toilets, seating, basketball hoop, volleyball court

Photo shows two teens shooting hoops in the park.

And you can still shoot a few hoops with your mates.

Dog access

On leash 


Corner Ferguson Street and Victoria Avenue