Frederick Krull Walkway

For a journey of varied scenery, take this walkway through sports field, meadow reserve, and suburban streets. High points providing great views back over the city and rangers then following the steam past extensive haraheke planting.

Track Difficulty Rating:2  3  4  5   (1 = easy : 5 = difficult)  

Distance:  1.5 kilometres (length of reserve).

Contour:  Flat to mildly contoured.

Surface:  Grass, limestone.

Access Points: Fernlea Avenue, Shakespear Way, Schnell Drive (x2), Parnell Heights (x2), Logan Way, Roberts Line.

Conveniences:  Car park, picnic table

Motorised Trail Bikes or Vehicles
Not permitted on any walkways


Symbol - Dog-Off-Leash Dogs can be off leash but must be under control
  • Ensure dogs are under control at all times and do not disturb livestock where walkways pass through rural areas.
  • Please pick up your dog waste and put it in a rubbish bin or take it away with you.

Map - Frederick Krull Walkway