E-waste recycling

Ferguson Street Recycling Centre is closed while New Zealand is at alert level 4. Please hang on to your e-waste to recycle once the lockdown is lifted.

Our Ferguson Street Recycling Centre accepts household batteries, appliances, mobile phones and other e-waste for recycling.

E-waste is one of the most toxic types of waste in the world. Many e-waste items contain elements that can be recycled, but also chemicals that can leach into our soil and waterways.

By using our e-waste service you will be sending your unwanted electronic item to a processing plant where it is dismantled in an ethical and environmentally sustainable way.

Recycle these items free

We charge a fee for other e-waste.

Pay by cash or Eftpos.

E-waste recycling fees

All fees include GST.

TVs and computers

2019-20 fee

per item

Desktop computers/servers
(complete tower only)
Small computer items
(e.g. speakers/keyboards/docking stations/hubs/modems/switches/routers)
Copier toners  $4/kg
UPS - Uninterruptible Power Supplies $5
Laptop and tablets $5
Computer monitors $10
Printers/scanners/fax machines $15
Televisions $20
Photocopiers $50

Consumer Electronics

2019-20 fee

per item

Mobile phones/GPS/digital cameras/mice Free
Stereos/car stereos/gaming consoles $2
Miscellaneous $2/kg
DVD/VCR/CD players $5

Household Appliances

2019-20 fee

per item

Small appliances
(e.g. heaters/fans/toasters/kettles/blenders/alarm clocks/phones/cameras)
Medium appliances
(e.g. vacuum cleaners/microwaves)
Large appliances
(e.g. fridges/freezers/washing machines/dryers/dishwashers)


2019-20 fee

per item

(quantities up to 2kg)
Bulk batteries
(quantities over 2kg)
Compact fluorescent lightbulbs $1.50