Wheelie bin stocktake

To ensure a better recycling collection service every wheelie bin in Palmerston North is being chipped. It’ll help us ensure each bin is at the right address and make it easier to find them when they wander.

Photo shows illustration from RFID project flyer, with a wheelie bin and text that reads "your bin is being chipped".

Your wheelie bin is being chipped! Find out why, and what it means for you.

The rates for a property cover kerbside recycling, so we need to make sure we’re providing a fair service. For example, if a property has two recycling bins and is only paying for one, then all ratepayers are ultimately picking up the bill for the extra bin.

Every year, ratepayers pay $126 through rates for Council’s kerbside recycling service, but estimates suggest that around 1,000 wheelie bins are not being paid for.

Using those estimates, those bins that are not being paid for are costing ratepayers upwards of $126,000 a year.

The stocktake will also enable us to deal with wheelie bins that have been damaged, stolen or found on other properties, more easily.

This is another saving for ratepayers, as replacing bins currently costs an average of $23,000 a year.

We need your help!

Most of the city's 30,000 wheelie bins have now been chipped, but there are still around 10 per cent left to do.

We aim to chip these by the end of February 2019. After this, any bins without chips won't be collected.

If you've received a letter from us, please fill in the online form below so we can arrange to chip your bin. Once we have your details our team will contact you to arrange a date. 

What is an RFID chip, and why does my bin need one?

Radio frequency identification chips are everywhere these days. You’ve probably got a few in your wallet. The one going onto your bin is a small plastic disc that fits just under the lip of the bin. The only information it contains is the serial number of your bin.

Once your bin is chipped, our trucks will be able to check whether the bin is at the correct property before emptying it. If there’s no chip, or the bin is somewhere it shouldn’t be, it will not be emptied, and will later be removed.

Why do I need an RFID chip on my bin?

The RFID chip is not a transmitter, it's more like a digital bar code that can be read by the RFID reader on the recycling truck. The only information it contains is a bar code number, which will be linked via a database to the rates valuation address of your property and to the GPS coordinates of your bin collection location. This information was previously linked to the hot stamped serial number on the side of your bin. All the RFID tag will do is make the information easier for the collection crew to access.

I don’t want my bin to be chipped

Council owns the bin and provides it to your property as part of our recycling service. The bin is allocated to the property, not to a person. If you move, please leave the bin behind!

When I move will my bin be reallocated to my new property?

Your new property will have its own bin. If there isn't a bin at your new property, call us on 06 351 6399 to have one delivered.

My bin hasn’t been chipped, will you collect my recycling next week?

We'll continue to collect recycling from all bins until the chipping project is complete. Once that happens, we'll advise all residents that unchipped bins will no longer be collected. If your bin has still not been chipped at that time, ring us on 06 351 6399 and we'll arrange to come and chip your bin.

My bin was taken this morning, can I have it back?

Please call us on 06 351 6399. We'll need your address to check what's happened.

How can I tell if my bin has been chipped? 

Once we've chipped your bin we'll place a sticker on the bin, indicating that chipping has taken place. You cannot see the chip, it is installed under the rim of the bin in a specially moulded hole.

My bin hasn't been collected today

Please call us on 06 351 6399. We'll need your address to check what's happened.

I can’t put my bin out by myself, someone from the rubbish collection team does this for me. What will happen to my bin?

The person from the rubbish collection team will put the tag on to your bin sometime before the end of September. You don't need to put the bin out by yourself.