Road resealing

This year we resealed more than 30 roads as part of our maintenance programme to keep you safe on our roads, and keep our roading network in good shape. Later this year we'll let you know which roads we'll be working on next spring and summer.

Each year we reseal a number of roads around our city. This work typically takes place over spring and summer while the weather is more predictable.

Road resealing plays two vital roles – it waterproofs the road and protects the structure underneath, limiting potholes and reducing road failures. It also makes the road smoother to ride on. As a result, our roads are safer, and there are also significant cost savings. By taking care of the underground structure, it doesn’t need to be replaced as often.

Roads resealed in 2020-21 include portions of College Street, Ferguson Street, No 1 Line, Tremaine Ave, Tennent Drive and Milson Line. 

The roads we reseal are determined predominantly by damage, age of the road, daily user numbers and the weight and types of vehicles using the road. 

Road resealing is just one part of how we keep you safe on our roads. If you’re ever concerned about a road, we encourage you to get in touch, or take a photo and let us know using the Snap Send Solve app.

List of roads resealed over spring/summer 2020-21

  • Armstrong St (Francis to end)
  • Bourke Street (Cuba to Walding)
  • College Street (Maxwell to Fitzherbert Ave)
  • Escort Grove (Totara to culdesac)
  • Ferguson Street (Botanical to Cook)
  • Ferguson Street (Cook to Pitt)
  • Ferguson Street (Victoria to Albert)
  • Florence Ave (Russell to Heretaunga)
  • Heretaunga Street (Tremaine to Featherston)
  • Highbury Ave (Tremaine to Pembroke)
  • Highbury Ave (Pembroke to Botanical)
  • Hillcrest Drive (Rhodes to Peter Hall)
  • Karamu St (Featherston to Mahoe)
  • Kelvin Grove Rd (Kaimanawa to Peter Hall)
  • Kingston St (London to Ferguson)
  • Kingston St (College to London)
  • Koromiko Ave (Rangiora to Ruahine)
  • Lydia Pl (Heights to culdesac)
  • Mahoe Ave (Wood to Karamu)
  • Milson Line (Flygers to Bunnythorpe)
  • Newbury Street (Ferguson to culdesac)
  • No 1 Line (Rongotea to crossing)
  • No 1 Line (Crossing to 200 No 1 line)
  • No 1 Line (200 No 1 Line to Tremaine)
  • Parnell Heights Drive (James to McLeavey)
  • Pascal Street (Featherston to Cuba)
  • Pembroke Street (Monrad to Highbury)
  • Peters Ave (Gillespies to end)
  • Robinson Cres (Havelock to Havelock)
  • Rosalie Terrace (Roberts to Rodeo)
  • Ruapehu Drive (Summerhill to Cashmere)
  • Rugby Street (Maxwells to Newbury)
  • Seddon Street (Tremaine to Featherston) 
  • Sefton Ave (Ellesmere to Ellesmere)
  • Shamrock St (Chelwood to Pioneer)
  • Sutherland Crescent (Tremaine to Tremaine)
  • Taonui Street (Featherston to Walding)
  • Tennent Drive (Monro Hill to Old West Rd) 
  • Tremaine Ave (Turakina to Highbury)
  • Waldegrave St (Cuba to Featherston)
  • Willis St (Cook to Domain)
  • Wyndham St (Alexander to culdesac)